Al Rashed Prodhan CEO


Syeda Nafisa Prodhan CFO


"Working in a sector where responsibility is playing a crucial part doesn't mean you have to be a robot. Culture is what defines us. For culture we live, we act, we think, we interact."
- Syeda Nafisa Prodhan

Being cultured & hanging out with friends are as important as fulfilling responsibilities to her.

Keeping the whole office together & nurturing them as a family is a tough job which she does spontaneously.



"Every day I hear an urge inside me, an urge to create, an urge to develop."
- Al Rashed Prodhan

As he is an avid reader, his morning starts with an early bed reading.

"Development is a process in which some things and thinks needs to change, some needs to create. We are now living in a world where so much is going on. But is this all really meaningful? Are we doing what we were meant to?"

Aiming what we all should do, he always inspiring his band of brothers at arms. Always taking the right initiative he aims to change the perception of the change makers of the country.